Shrub Care & Clean Ups

Boise, Idaho Shrub Care 

We want to care for your shrubs as well as your lawn! Regular trimming is necessary for the health of your shrubs and is also good for security reasons. Your house looks less vulnerable to criminals when windows and doorways are not covered by overgrown bushes! Trimming overgrown shrubs improves the health and appearance of plants and also your property. Pruning to remove dead and weak branches allows the sun and air to penetrate and circulate the plant and discourages disease, which promotes growth for a longer useful life for your plants. The best time for major trimming and pruning is in the late fall or late spring when shrubs are not actively growing, but only light trimming and pruning should be done in early spring or summer as it adds stress.

American Lawn Care Pros crews are efficient in cleaning up after trimming shrubs to be sure there are no messes left behind. In the spring or fall, why not have us perform a Spring or Fall Clean up while we are trimming, to include picking up leaves and other yard debris in the flower beds and yards after a lot of rain and snow?!

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